Redundant "Link or Create" bar in entity view collections

Now that Collections in entity views have a very functional header that includes a +New button, could we perhaps get rid of the older + Link or create bar?

It takes up a lot of space and is visually distracting, and it seems like the functionality should be part of the + New button.


I can see that +Create is somewhat redundant, but there still needs to be a way to link existing entities (at least in some cases)…

Yes, I am thinking that the existing functionality of “Link or Create” could be added to the “+” button.

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Personnally, the place “Link or Create” takes does not bother me as much as the fact that it does not have the same behavior than “New”. Mainly, it is not linked to Forms. Since “Link or Create” is MUCH more visibel than “New”, it reduces the impact of using Forms to help create Entities (users are just missing them)