Link multiple Entities in one go (shift+select)

Is it possible to link multiple entities in a multi-selector at once?

selecting the whole conversation should be automated. but in this case i want to be able to link items that are not so obviously related. Getting a whole conversation about a topic together even if they are spread. but being able to select multiple entities at once with one search would be great (basically clicking and then keeping the search/window alive)

I don’t think it is possible, sorry.

I know that some users make use of auto-relations to link messages in a thread, by creating a stripped version of the subject (removing Re: AW: etc.) and matching on this field.

ah sorry. German/English translation and formulation error.

i meant that I should create an automation for these linkings BUT in many cases it would be even better if it’s possible to select multiple items without the popup window closing/the search staying active. the table view is also behaving differently to the view in a detail-window:

(how do i upload a video here?)

for example in the scenario posted in the post above

i type “deck” and get these 4 entities listed above. it would be a blast to hold shift and select one after the other with the mouse to add them all. or just three of them.
a multi select where i can multi select without entering the search phrase 4 times.

but this is just one example. adding multiple entries in one go without opening the search box many times if all items would be accessible in one go.

also i was wondering why already added entities show up in the search and if that could be handled differently. with the example from the top i had to add the id field and check which one i already selected as opening up the search always revealed all of the items again.
this is maybe not a problem when it’s 4 items. but imagining more this would be very cumbersome …

something i want to add later on to my workspace is an import option from (a connection I already established through n8n) where i get msg from linkedin and Whatsapp. here no subject line is available. (so nothing to automate) but I also don’t want to import a complete conversation but only parts. so here a manual selection needs to happen. here again a easy managable “view” of entities with corresponding information for the selection would be great

linking this for reference here: Aggregate Data from linked Database through formula - #11 by dukevannori

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