Dynamic Tags using Multi-Select field

Our team loves using multi-select fields on databases for displaying various “Tags” on entities such as “Urgent”, “Blocked”, “Archived”, etc. We like it because multi-select fields are flexible, easily readable, and don’t clutter views when not in use. Also , when updated, theses Tags fields can then be used in a variety of filters or automations.


Here’s our problem :
We would like to automate some of these tags and we can’t find a way to do it. For example if a “Task” entity is due for tomorrow, we would like to create a rule that ADDS the “Urgent” tag to the entity without deleting the previously applied tags.

Right now it seems like multi-select options are stored in a special type of database which can’t be accessed through formulas or automations and thus we are unable to create new rules for simply adding a new Multi-Select element to an entity without replacing everything.

We are aware that one easy solution for this would be to stop using Multi-Select fields and to create a “Tag” database that can be linked many-to-many to everything in our workspace. However we would loose the nice UX features multi-selects have, such emojis and color coding, single-line display on board cards, etc. so that isn’t a viable solution for us as it would affect readability and usability too much.

Here are 2 suggestions on how this could be fixed :

  • Making multi-select databases accessible through formulas and relations
  • Adding customizable database icons and colour coding options per entity in normal databases

Any thoughts? Thanks :grinning:!