La Product Conference '23 (Paris) - May 24th

We are going places again…but this time to Paris.

We’ll be at LPC Paris 2023 (La Product Conference) on May 24th

The LPC is focused on product people - product managers, product marketers, product ops guys and anyone interested in these topics!

I’ve had several people recommend this conference so if you’re attending - please stop by Fibery stand at the Folies Bergère :wave: and pick some of our cool merch :fire:

Or if you just happen to be in Paris and want to say hi, ping me here and we’ll figure it out. We’ll be there with @antoniokov @Polina_Zenevich and @kalman from Tuesday and will be happy to meet!


Have a good rest of the day! :slight_smile:

Hope to meet you another time!

(I have two account accidentally, the one above can be deleted I can do that myself )

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