Knowledge Transfer or Handover day by day

I’d like to ask conceptually about a pain point my team has.

We do bilingual IT support for clients in Tokyo. There are usually multiple support people servicing one client, so the team spends effort doing KT or knowledge transfer from person to person. I want to eliminate or reduce any redundancy and rework, making this KT process as efficient as possible.

Say we do two visits at a client site, per week, Tues and Thurs. The visits are handled by different people sometimes. The Tuesday visit ends, and the person in charge on that day will summarize in an email about the general state of things, talking about several tasks that are WIP. Then the person in charge on Thurs will pick that up, and take over the tasks to completion.

In other words, getting the task done asap, is more important than sticking to the same assignee for the entire workflow.

How are folks handling such a scenario?

Task comments are one idea, and while I can get a table to display comments, that has the potential to be rather unwieldy if the comment streams are long. Perhaps a type of formula field could be added, that shows “last N comments” and you could set it to the last three or whatever, then make a table that shows a comment focused view per client, making this KT thing a bit easier.

Edit: added screenshot showing that latest comment is kind of hidden in table view, since it is to the right. If the latest comment could be placed first, that would at least help this concept…

Appreciate any ideas, thanks!

It is not clear how exactly you want to use comments. For what? What information will be stored here?

When an engineer is working on a bunch of tasks, and has to hand off to another engineer who will handle the next visit instead of them. I want to make it easy to explain what’s going on, and for the next guy to see what’s going on. Thinking Lean-ly, I’d like to reduce the waste of having the first guy write an email repeating all sorts of stuff that’s already in the system…

If with comments:

  • maybe there’s a special custom formula field that can show “last N comments” in reverse chronological order
  • if the table comments field is all there is, maybe those could be shown reverse chronological, so the last one is on the left and can easily be seen

I think this is a great idea (granted I have been unable to get Comments visible in my tables), and would provide a great feature of Asana, which is missing in just about all other apps, where you can see on a larger scale the most recent update on your various projects, tasks, etc. In this case, you’d have the latest comment, which would be the latest update, showing in that field, and every viewer at a glance can see what happened most recently.

Thanks for suggesting this!

@mdubakov here’s a kind of concept for what would work, in my thinking. If I could make an app for handover, display just the last record, say on a wiki page, so that the description is visible, I could write the handover note in that.

Then underneath, a standard table view of open tasks. If I could show the last comment for each of those in the table, that would be great.

Maybe an “entity view” will work…

@rickcogley I was thinking about entity view as well. You can create Handover Type, link Tasks to it, add description and date fields.
The only problem is that it is not possible to see tasks as you wish here.
We do have an idea to allow people create Tables/Board/Timelines inside entity View, but postponed this after release.
Also we can add Last Comment as a separate Unit in Table and in this case it might do the trick for now.

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I tried it, and linked my “contract” entity to it. So, when a person makes a handover record, then chooses the related “contract”, you can click the selected contract and it shows the open tasks on that contract. And you can either have it be modal, or, pinned to the right.

Thank you for offering to add the Last Comment as a Unit in Table. That will help.

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