June 2019 Results

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Excellent @mdubakov!

Canvas View has the potential to address the need of creation of arbitrary “boards” and “maps”. Examples: Business Model Canvas, Value Proposition Canvas.

And even though Story Maps will be best implemented extending board views, canvas views will still be potentially useful for such maps.


Yes agree with you as no one used to understand the complexity of business structure , indeed the business model canvas took years , built jointly by 60 experts around the world indeed a poer tools , concept maps such flow digrams are indeed corner stone , much acessed app currently well deveoped , used by millons too sucg app draw,io to model any activity or process . The story telling by ppt slide too old one , indeed need new concept based canvas business map. In the reply to @mdubakov remarked the hard time not able to understand new web app the the brain userf friendly easy report building all conected via simple simple relations , aswell webpage links , not ia web hook , as well as , the formula based , visual model building web app insightmaker userfriendly story buiilding All using already well built app results report , As understanding all need hard time , i give simple examples how top story report , multi slide user friendly slide story telling , imlimente one of the largest online ,much acessed web app well integrated ,eamples o practical use cases can help us to understand the systems , as well as the prcess funcionality of the userfriendly story tell app concept , this can be win win , that need to be done beffore early relase inorder to compete other big player in the market the confluence , notion , the brain , the zoho , the floc , the twist , the todlist , google site wiki , the wp free plugins , automate , google cloud . The earlier , more user friendlier with more unfuncionality , wish fiberly team to have sucess too , the harder part being finished, the last pater is user interface , not yet well focused

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I delved back into the product for a few hours this week and you have made great progress.

I have a question relating to the automation rules.
We have a few set up in TP to automate routine tasks and I can’t imagine life without them, in 1 of our case if we create a feature with a given phrase in the name it will create 13 uses cases and 31 test cases that are grouped into 4 test plans.
When would you expect the automation to be ready for daily use?

And I also have a question relating to QA\Testing
Are there any plans to implement a QA app?
Or link with TP to use the existing functionality there?

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@Adrian_Crawley i think QA app is very important too related to project issues as well as problems so that focus on task well made .This can be also good as userfriendly to unserstand the project scope extent the funcionality

@Adrian_Crawley We’ve just started to work on automation rules and are going to release them in 2-3 months.

QA module is not in plans so far, we are working on platform things and get back to specific apps somewhere in Sep/Oct this year.


Thanks for that.
Keep up the good work

@mdubakov, I think the segregating of user access permissions per workspace/project is a must-have need for real-life use of Fibery. Just the viewer/collaborator roles (which will be instance-wide) won’t serve the purpose.

We discussed this previously but this is something without which real-life usage will be hampered. As an alternative, when we need access control of certain areas of the work, we’ll have to ask for separate Fibery instances and export-import apps between instances, which is cumbersome.

For example, we don’t want customers to view certain parts of the project work. Then we don’t employees to view certain sensitive parts of company’s planning and work.

As viability , sucess depend on user based , selfsevice based , not code based , the prioriety need to be useface interfaces , surely it can be long time , evolucionary operations , not limited to short all complex process in short time.It is true that team with limited people , lmited time compet woth floc , twists , notion with several good uerfruend well made fiiber in short time indeed very good sucess .Thanks wish also some userfiendly app of fiberely help foram too included to track project ,One user espeific app frendly app can newsdigests linked to fiiberly help forum too ,This can be easy to impliment more powerful , can be unico too in app market place . the app name can be communityhelpwiki

work flow automation can indeed help reduce the complexicity , thus can help too beter repor builfding abilty of users , wish to do beta testing as already build wiki , wik based help center to retrack feed back with analiticas can be good app integration with process automation too so that can do validation as beta tester in my holidays