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well made review task based , project based good story with focus on results , yet number of beta user do not mater much , quality of the products to end user need to be resukts oriented .
instead project based your problem solving we need also system teory based , system thinking approach such as recent tools such as we app insight maker can help your team understand user problems , wit much more insight system input , system entity , system ptrocess , system out put , repors using formula , but user story need to be integrated reports of every data bases ,

User defined integrity

There are few business rules which we cannot validate just by primary keys, other defualt keys etc. There has to be some mechanism so that we can validate complex rules for integrity. We can implement these rules in following ways:

  • Check Constraints
  • Triggers & Stored Procedures
  • Queries to identify incorrect data and handle in correct way.

In your no code approach to project managments good mentioned coda, i did not experimented but notions team is indeed more userfriendly for wiki use only , not yet for project managements airtable make user friend integration of spread sheet type data input formulas.

Custom apps to run your business.

From everyday tasks to complex process automation, do everything with our multi-platform app builder. Create your own app or get started with a ready-made one by india mega cloud computing zoho corporation product zoho creator competing ms , google , mac too is also your present competetir with big team , few develper , but good team integrate well , very fast ready made user story all your app , see their data based , no code app making too can help your team get valuable as much as open sorce free web app system thinking insighmakers .
As insight maker story teller can be very useful can help your team bulit simillar one fast as this can make poosible report abut system entiity , system reations data base links as well as rules, firmulas related to relations too , to speed up .
have a look at your real competer of very long fast growth zoho creator

project managments

effective as it gets.

Plan, track, and collaborate using the preferred online project management software of more than a million businesses.
Theter is problems presently several comunicacao tols email , contact are tere , but not much userfruendly yer

  • Communication tools led by Zoho Mail (modern business email), with Zoho Chat (instant messaging tool), and Zoho Connect (a corporate social network) for other forms of modern corporate communications.
    your slack alone toos can be ok for team intranet , yet other need to open to zho too via api as they too compete well with ms , google plat forms

The future story teeling final reports of integrated app results presentation need distributed or integrated , see some visual tools for project anagments in the link given below as future request , that was too simple here via web app called thebrain Smarter Project Management with Visual Connections.[https://www.thebrain.com/blog/webinar/project_management_2017](http://Smarter Project Management with Visual Connection web app link ) as model , a distributed , not integrated all app system such the one in insightmake story telling complex systems integated one

Hi, unfortunately I have hard time understanding your thoughts :frowning: It is not clear what you mean.

Theere is an need for an app used story tellings so that it can acess from difente app etitty so that better presentation of a report built as presentations as well as texts pdf or the brain model based all well conected to viusal entity of the app web the brain .Fibery is good app easy acess , good colaboration , good conectivity tool wehook , but yet there ii nothing one get out a lot of dat , lot app , no app for reports sides , user story tellings too

**The story map vis system thinking can help much the report story telling based on user case related to app data can simlify app integration not via epics based as it is dead , or task based too all complex too

Threre is problem of entity of app , regarding its data bases builing on it and , the other problems is realted to task based users story tellingg based on formulas , calculatio , all need to validated via web hook url , later conected to the story .
The app epics can be reusable , but epics too many steps tools system definnitation , dats esrurures can make things worst all dead too . See how insight maker visual tools can make system thinhgs complex one , even highschool students can build as any one built ppt power point slide but via step step story telling bulit up , edition , publication in diferent format .Thus the point work flow , epics can be good , but all dead too . See here why Epics are dead. Here’s what we should do instead. proved
web app insightmaker story telling i talked about as user case based prove this , now hope the most important app fibery miss is this one
usercase report model for each app

user experiencess of app via url lik see how simle insight maker is is human user friendly even high scjhool students can use thiis wb app , maker wonderful story stelling .How , well made stoy map via usercase.
This is the missing point in your app , this need to be the future request

@Pagandai_V_Pannirsel is basically saying there should be a way to create boards in the layout of maps like User Story Mapping method by Jeff Patton (which is based on Todd Warfel’s Task Analysis method). I fully agree with him and as you may remember @mdubakov I had once asked for such a facilitation in TP, too.

However, Fibery is a generic tool and can’t really implement something very specific like User Story Mapping as such. But, the need for such layout is actually a generic need and such board layouts can be considered in future as part of advanced board views.

Basically, the board has to show entities from one or more levels up of the column entities (basically, parent items of column items), right above the respective column entities. For example, this will allow creation of user story maps with columns as User Tasks and parents of the user tasks will be User Goals.

In our Fibery instance, I am having to create multiple boards to accomplish story mapping analysis and can never get the big picture view otherwise possible by having a way to show the parents of the column entities.


@Shafqat_Ullah @mdubakov mentioned Fibery is a generic tool and can’t really implement something very specific like User Story Mapping as such . i can agree with you all relared system thinking , modeling approach user story , each user can have their own model specics , too much process of story telling can be limited user friendly , on the other hand i find , as i am not developer , as beta user find most entitty , field are indeed more general , more simplified the extreme . As user pont of view , too simple entity , general model need to be divided in otrder to conquer to have better insight woth complicating it . Thus i dis agree that story telling , if i understand the building of report as final products .If you read carefuly @mdubakov recent june results , indeed he is very clear about especic use cases , not general such as better web site of blogs , wiki knowlege bases . All these need to be considered as use case , i think more important diferencial fibery to comept with Notion , altasian confluence wiki , wijkiespace , google sites .Thuu project based on activity , the logical activity based report , logical story tilling via time line , key word search in facebook are indeed general model , but not user friendly . let me give especic example .There is need for report via general model stpry telling , the story telling can be over view boards , each board need to be the reultas of he ativity task , no detailed resultos . The filtered results obtained by difeerent app , diferent entitty results need to be organizazed based on over views ,The canvas type logical board views can help bridge models not too abstract m too model maker friedly out of context to user , as user need not the simlified general one , not also complicated user espefics. The use of epics in app epic good model , general but concept can be reused to build needd user especic cases . The task or activity can be too complex for user
friendly report buidling templetes. simple repated slide making ppt hel user friendly story telling concept. Such simple concept , ( see here https://www.biofuelsdigest.com/bdigest/2019/07/02/sustainable-aviation-fuel-the-digests-2019-multi-slide-guide-to-airlines-for-america/5/) combined with diferent activity or taskk based can be made posible as fiberly has tools to buit relations too . several relations based story telling is not what i mean , but the idea of project means reults based on taslk activity can help the unlimited entirty , relations combinatins to be limited to logical thining of taske or activity based logical organizedd report via simply story telling slides as well done in multislide story in menu
slide in the web portal see menu slide https://www.biofuelsdigest.com

More general more abstracats , more especics imagination of general one using insrancess , there is need for usercas templates can be more userfriendly , yet more flexible
Thus just copy of instant or better usercase model one such as that being dne in help , user manual too much work before each cases to be validated


@Shafqat_Ullah very well made the real problems , i agree , it can be very big picture of seral entity , several fields , indeed the number of items can explode whrere fibery integrated system.
One way to solve this problem is to simlfy it just task managment alne , such as monday.com comercial , but the scope is very limited , this not very bi piture , not very simplfied pictures,The best way can be called divide the oicture, conqyer poosibles soltions , not simpl one but not big but simplifiedone .Thus user need to have flexibilty to select item ententy and field , present it in the formate as ppt slide or pdf of the table viws or in chat view too
.Graph in story telling even elementary scjhool can understant ,This realy will have more value for the sucess of business spread every one familiar table datas , frmulas caculations , results , graphs analysis of results
The results of isolated tablem analysis reports as well done in comercial task managments analysis report is very limitd to sql query limted to tables views . User case espefic report building , the sucess for mondy,com , more user more templates .Thus instead spend time in code , release it get variety of uerer made . this temple can hacve comercial value for fibery .This half baked template based story telling big picture is bette for user , other wise the user come with dream to have big picture , can get limited table results all unconected , may feel lost regard usability visual the best models , but not able to built story he wish to show , but not preared to build it