July 20, 2023 / Experimental 🥹 new Grid View and 🏛️ Columns Layout in Docs

Grid view feedback:

  • BUG: When using the mouse to open an entity from grid view (i.e. the little “Open a new panel on the right” button), the keyboard focus is not switched to the new panel, so hitting Esc closes the grid panel on the left instead of closing the newly opened entity panel on the right.
    If you open the entity using Space, hitting Esc works as expected and closes the entity panel on the right.
    The same issue occurs if you use a grid cell’s right-click/popup menu to open the entity in a new panel (“Expand”).

  • BUG?: The “current (highlighted) cell” should only be highlighted when it has the keyboard focus. If you click away, the cell remains highlighted, but now it does not respond to the keyboard.

  • BUG: After drag-reordering some columns, Hiding a displayed column causes the column ordering to revert to some earlier state/default.

  • REQUEST: Can we pretty-please get PageUp, PageDown, Home, End, and Shift-cursor key combos to work in the standard, expected way in Grid views, for moving the current focused cell and selecting multiple cells?

  • REQUEST: Now that text fields can display embedded newlines correctly in entity view, it would be fabulous if editing a multi-line text field in a Grid view would pop up a multi-line input field.

  • REQUEST: Ability to wrap the contents of a column to multiple lines (tricky, I know).

  • REQUEST: When opening a related entity in a cell by clicking its little triangle, allow holding Ctrl or Shift to open the entity in a new browser tab or window.

  • REQUEST: Ability to “Expand All” and “Collapse All” rows. Or perhaps Expand/Collapse should operate on all rows within the current selection?

  • REQUEST: Include “Edit” option in column headers for Buttons .

  • BUG: Impossible to use Context menu on a multi-row selection - so records can only be unlinked one at a time :roll_eyes: Also, “Unlink” is not in the Actions menu.

  • BUG?: Sometimes there is no drag-handle shown on rows in a Grid view - maybe because Name column was hidden/shown/moved, etc?