[✔︎] Is it possible to change the order of folders in the Wiki App?

I’ve created one folder in the wiki app and don’t want to delete Start folder for now. For some reason I can’t set my folder on the first place. Not sure if it’s a bug or not. Video: https://take.ms/IA43D

It is a bug actually. We will try to fix it soon.

The same type bug we observed not able to update once created web hook witout url , latter not able to update it

Old Wiki is deprecated, since we’ve added native folders and native documents into Fibery. Now you can create Wiki in any App actually

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Is it possible to migrate old wiki to software dev app? I’m wondering if I do drag-and-drop my wiki docs to the dev app and the delete wiki app…

very good wiki as report to every app problems

unlike notion , fibery.io was suposed to compete , i was beginerr user try to migrate my wiki from notion , but not fibery many items remains seperatley
Bring all task ,table , all remain isolated unlike well done comercial app same page , notion appear yet superior .
There is need wiki , fiery u sre forum as model , as suer story report all in folwer wiki

Very good product features many tasks , project need decentralized wiki, this can make fibery the best app too , more userfriendly