Is repositioning of Fibery?

Hi @mdubakov,

So excited to see this - is it a new repositioning of Fibery?


@Shafqat_Ullah Here is the story

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Excellent, @mdubakov!

I was trying to use Fibery for Burnout purposes anyway. I have been developing an end to end process for startup product innovation starting with ideation (value proposition canvas), hypothesis validation, design thinking, onwards to product management features, etc. I’ll share some ideas for Burnout soon.

Is there going to be another community site for Burnout or we’ll discuss Burnout features in this community?

Not yet, I think it is better to keep everything here so far. We have not decided about burnout :slight_smile:

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I think Burnout landing page should also have a link to Fibery so that interested people can join Fibery, too.

Really amusing comments in HN. Showing them Fibery could totally convince the doubters.

In my earlier post i wrote about problems , the way metod to learn using guide , support burnout app as solver startup learnings tools for fibery , an complex huge interation to simple few pratical one for use not for creator user base is indeed clever comercial value ,with limited team , time resources ina competeive world .
Proof hub project work managments is very expensives of all recent app .see here .This make possible the product report doc version made by other validade prove along with the report for resouce builts , task made , good user interface .@mdubakov idea validation as proofhub app of quality of the product well evaluated , by method of report documents proof validations