Incosistent order criteria between tables, lists and Boards

I use Fibery for video game development. In one of the games, we use the classic Epic, Tasks, and subtasks (Tasks with a parent task) hierarchy.

Some Tasks don’t have an Epic, but we still need to view them in views grouped by tasks. If you order the Epics by Start Date Ascending, you get different behaviors depending on the view type:

  • In Table and Lists:
    • Epics with no Start Date are the first
    • “No Epic” group appears at the end of the list

Table Example

List Example

  • In a Board:
    • No Epic group is the first one
    • Followed by Epics without a Start Date

Board Example

My preferred solution would be ordered by:

  • Epics with Start Date
  • Epics without Start Date
  • No Epics tasks

In any case, showing the No Epics group first in Boards is not the expected behavior; most tools show them at the bottom like you do in Lists and Tables.

Makes sense, we’ll tweak the behavior at some point.
Thanks for the detailed explanation! :blue_heart: