Hierarchical / Cascading rows


It would be nice to be able to have 2 levels of rows. For instance, if I have :

  • a type called EPICS
  • which “contains” a type called STORIES, meaning there is a relation between them
  • which “contains” a type called TASKS
    => it would be great to be able to see, on a single board, EPICS as rows, wich contain the STORIES as other rows, and finally the STORIES displayed as cards.

Of course it would be possible only if the second level (STORIES) can only be related to a single item of the first level (EPIC).

This is just an example but I have at least 3 apps in which I could use such a feature already.
Of course the same logic could apply to column but it would be less friendly in terms of UI I guess.

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Agree with this, very curious about how you guys plan to implement hierarchies it’s one of the things I am most eagerly waiting on!

Yes, please :slight_smile:

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We have Hierarchical Views in plans (home start implementation soon!)

There is a workaround for now - to use grouping in the Chart Tables. Then it will look like this

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Thanks Polina. To clarify, this is a screenshot from something you set up in the Charts/Vizidrop feature? Not in Boards or another View?