How to transfer a list of entities from one field to another


I am trying to program a button and I wanted the list of entities chosen on a specific field to be transferred to another one.

For example, In mine users database I have a field called “Groups The Person Participates” that is a relation to the database Groups. And when I click the button I want this specific list to be transferred to another field (relation) called “Groups The Person Used to Participate”

I though about something like Círculos.Filter(Círculos.[Step 1 User])

But I’m probably just writing it wrong…

Any help?

And also, can one of the other functions of this button be to, by the end of the other codes, to deactivate the user?

Thanks! =)

Assuming that the field “Groups The Person Used to Participate” is initially empty (or you don’t mind overwriting the contents) then you just need to update this field as the first action in the button automation, using the formula [Step 1 User].[Groups The Person Participates]
Then you can clear the original field, with the next action, using Update and ‘Clear the field value’

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Thanks @ChrisG

What about this?

Sorry, forgot to reply to this bit.
Unfortunately, no, activating/deactivating users is not possible from an automation.

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