How to show a list of 'sibling' entities that relate to the same parent entity

In order to easily navigate relevant or related pages, I like to create a block of ‘sibling entities’ that shows up at every entity display. For example, a Course entity has lessons, and on every lesson pages I want to show a list of ‘sibling’ lessons that all refer to the same course. This list needs to show up at every lesson display/page. How can I accomplish that?

You could create a formula field:


where Parent and Children are the names of the relationship fields.

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And if you want to exclude the item itself:

Parent.Children.filter([Public Id] != [This Xxxx].[Public Id])

Xxxx is the name of the database.


Is there a way to make this work for many to many relations?
For example, some lessons are part of multiple courses.
In a currently displayed lesson I want to display all sibling lessons of the courses that the currently displayed lesson is part of.

Use a lookup - Parents → Children