How to reference current workflow State in a markdown template?

“Failed to execute Action: Cannot read property ‘Name’ of undefined”

Entity.State is apparently null:

{! State:Name !}
<%= Entity.State.Name %>

You can use

{{ State.Name }}

(period is used to get a property of a to-one related entity, colon is used to get properties of to-many related entities)

@Chr1sG - neither of those methods work. That’s why I’m asking.

Sorry. There were unnecessary spaces.

Thanks - {{State.Name}} indeed does work with the spaces removed.

This, however, still generates the error noted above:

{! State:Name !}
<%= Entity.State.Name %>

Yes, sorry for the confusion. This syntax is appropriate when you want to declare a collection with specific property(ies) so that it can then be used in Javascript.

{! Collection:Name !}
<%= => item.Name).join(` | `) %>
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