How to permanently delete something in Trash?

I’ve been setting up/testing Fibery ALOT over the last couple weeks, especially with automations to create/update things and as such have many useless objects cluttering my databases up.

I thought I deleted most of them (over 600 in total) but…

  1. they still show up as “recent items” in searches when linking relational objects, which is super confusing and annoying because I know I never want to see them again. Is this intended behavior? Is there an option hidden somewhere that can exclude things in the trash from being listed as “recent items”? It feels like a bug to me.

  2. How long do things stay in the trash before they get deleted? I went to go try and permanently delete them, but it doesn’t look like it’s even an option. That said, it appears like there’s also no way to select things in the trash in bulk so it’d probably take me forever to delete them all, even if I could.

I know that sometimes things get deleted by mistake and therefore the concept of a trash bin or archive is good, I just don’t get the point of a trash bin if all those things in the trash still show up everywhere in Fibery.

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Problem with recent items is a bug, we will look into it. Overall entities in Trash never deleted permanently, but they should not affect system in any way.

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Thanks @mdubakov. Was only looking to delete them because of the bug, but if that gets solved I’m a happy guy!

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