How to get share link programmatically

I would to create a rule that when an action happen do the following things:

  1. get a public link or generate one if is not already present
  2. send this link via email

Someone could help me? How can I obtain this behaviour?

It is not currently possible to generate/access a sharing link programmatically, sorry.

This kind of feature is on the roadmap?

It’s not the first time a user has enquired about this, so the idea is in our backlog, but there are currently no plans for when it might get implemented.
I have converted this topic to a feature request so that other community members can vote on it.

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Note that you don’t need the title in the URL for it to work, so you can just use the space, database name and external ID to generate a normal link:


A public share link isn’t possible though.

FYI, in this construction {{Public}} means the Public ID (which is available in formulas)

Sorry, but I would to share the public link no the internal one