How to close out of "open as view"?

Hi guys,

Not sure if this is a bug as our colleague @helloitse suggested in this post:

But if it’s a missing feature, I wanted to request it.

I frequently use the “open as view” option in entity, shown here:


I cannot close that window, and in fact I have to do a lot of navigating around other tables, views, etc. to get the view to “reset” so the entity in question returns to the “show as popup” size.

Thanks and hoping you can let me know about this, it would really help my navigation around Fibery!!

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Same issue here. It feels really weird. There should be at least a back button or to keep the button to minimize it back.


Thanks Jean, glad to get the support on this one! I can’t imagine this isn’t something on the team’s radar to rectify soon!