Getting a 400 error when it should be 429

I have a webhook that gets called every hour by multiple rows from Fibery (based on rows that have changed). The first step in the scenario is to search entities from Fibery. I’ve noticed that when the scenario gets called multiple times in a very short period (less that 1 second) I get the following error in the make scenario:

Failed to verify connection ‘TPO Fibery’. Status Code Error: 400

But when I run the scenario manually it works perfectly fine. This leads me to suspect that the actual issue is that I’m making too many requests in a short period of time. When a scenario receives a 429 response, it’s supposed to automatically retry, but it seems like Fibery is sending back a 400 response.

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I just wanted to add some further context. It seems like the 400 error comes from Fibery before the scenario even runs. When I look at the scenario, no other modules have run and I see this error message:

Cannot initialize the scenario because of the reason ‘Failed to verify connection ‘TPO Fibery’. Status Code Error: 400’

This leads me to suspect that is making some kind of a request to Fibery prior to the scenario even running. When there’s a queue of multiple requests coming in all at the same time, it seems like this requests hits Fibery mutliple times simultaneously. I’m wondering if this is what’s causing the error. Like I said, running the scenario manually one at a time works fine. I have an open ticket with about this and will update here if I find anything out.

Hello, Nick!

Fibery sends a 429 code in case of rate-limit errors, not 400.

Response of such 400 error would help, I guess it is not displayed?
Be sure to contact us on Intercom if problem persists, maybe we will be able to find those failed requests in our logs, giving us idea where those errors come from.

@itsu You’re correct, they don’t show the response when the module is only initializing. I’ll send through a message via intercom with some more details. Thanks!

It looks like this may have been an issue with They are currently rolling out an update that will fix their broken oauth2 implementation. It looks like my initial assumption of Fibery receiving too many calls at once was incorrect. In fact Fibery wasn’t receving any request at all, the 400 error was coming entirely from If you want to follow the issue, there’s a post on make which details the same issue (except for Xero) and the fix that’s currently being rolled out:

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