Formula: Filter() with custom state property is slow

Not sure if it’s slow, if there’s some sort of bug, or even that I am doing it wrong.
I actually suspect it is very slow as I saw counter of different formula field “N of Archived” change after a long while.

Update: It is indeed slow. Took about 10~15 minutes and now it shows as expected.

Expected: Formula in parent that check if all children have property of state “Archived” to be true, should return true.

Result: It always shows false.

3 entities with a Workflow extension with 3 states, where two are “Final”.

States also have a custom field “Archived” which is true for one of the states.

Formula of Parent returning Boolean. Should be true when all children have state “Archived”:

Not sure, but suppose, that formula has to look like
Children.Filter(State.Name = “Archived”).Count() = Children.Count()

Could you please have a try?

Matching name on this also seems to be slow.
Here’s a full video example


It seems this formula does not work at the moment. Our monitoring showed a lot of errors on your formula, and just today I added a Bug about this. So hopefully it will be fixed next week.

As a workaround you may add 2 formulas with count, and a third formula that would compare those 2 formulas. Lol, but should work. Sorry for inconvenience.

Is it intended that it is possible to return a boolean by using State.enum_name in a formula (as opposed to using State.Name = enum_name) ?
Like Polina, I wouldn’t have expected Haslien’s formula to actually work anyway…

As Haslien has mentioned, “Archived” is not a state name. It is a boolean field, which he added to State type. This possibility is a bit hidden on UI, but it is actually possible to add fields to Single Select Type in fibery. As Single Select(or Multi Select) internally not differs from any other type.

ooops, didn’t see that…my bad