Formula based on Color of the single select option

Just as an example, if I have a single select “status” and options like, In-Progress, Done with color yellow and green respectively. How to add a new formula field which should display something based on the color of the selected option from status field.

I don’t think it’s possible. But I’m curious to know why you want to try this?
Can’t you just use the status name in your formula? Or add an extra property for the purpose?

Hey @Chr1sG thanks for replying,
The reason is I have multiple Statuses which represent as Done for example - Cancelled, Done, Complete . If I keep them Green colored I can condition based on color.

also from dynamic point of view, later if the new statuses get introduced or changed existing ones i don’t need to change formulas.

It sounds like you should add a field to your status select options (a checkbox or a text field perhaps) which you can then reference in formulas.
See here: . | Fibery

Or make use of the ‘Final’ checkbox that exists already if it’s the workflow field.
If/when you add more statuses, you can set the checkbox/text field as necessary.


Yes I believe that will be better option.

Thanks @Chr1sG for this way to make it work in Formulas. But Looks like I can not use the same in Formula of Chart Calculations. Correct me if I am missing anything.

Indeed, select options are only available as text values (their names) in reports.