[FIXED] Duplicating Tasks - doesn't copy tables, callouts, etc

I have several task “templates” that have std callouts, text tables etc that I frequently use.

Until recently, I was able to duplicate these task templates and any headings, callouts, tables, etc. were likewise included in the duplicated task - I have numerous tasks created by duplication w/ identical content “templates”

Suddenly, that’s no longer happening - when I duplicate a task I only get the original strcuture (i.e. summary, files, and comments).

Could you please share the rules you have configured?

Thx for getting back to me over the weekend!

Sorry - not sure what you mean…I don’t have any automations.

The only thing I changed was for state - the ‘on-hold’ and ‘cancelled’ values were modified to be "final’ - so complete, on-hold and cancelled values are all flagged as final.

That ;s the extent of any ‘rules’ in my space.

It seems we have a bug in the duplication process whereby tables/callout blocks rich text contents are not correctly copied over.
We’ll look into it.

Thx so much! I can manually copy/paste my content in the meantime.

I see you’ve fixed it already. Thx so much!

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