Duplicating Tasks - doesn't duplicate child subtasks

I have a project -task - subtask hierarchy
I have a task template that includes a sub task template

When I duplicate the task template, I’d the duplication to similarly duplicate the usbtask, but this isn’t happening.

I have a 1:M relationship established between the task - subtaks databases.

Is there a simple way to handle this?


There is no ‘simple’ way to achieve this, but you might want to look at the Templating example to see if it can inspire you on how you could do it with automations.

Chris - thx so much for the quick reply. I somehow suspected this would be the answer.

I looked at the automation and I recall looking at this before - I forget the issue, but I remember it had a limitation that prevented me from using it.

As a feature request, it would be great to have a deeply nested duplication function, where every child object is duplicated along with the parent. I know that gets tricky, because of the many ways child elements can be linked to a parent.

And in workspaces that are highly-connected, duplicating an entity AND all its linked entities AND all their linked entities, etc. could result in a cloning of a large subset of the content of the workspace.

There are definitely some concrete use cases, but solving them intelligently without causing more problems is not as easy as it first appears.

that’s why i said, it could be tricky…:slightly_smiling_face:

I think allowing duplicating nested structures without limitation is going to far. But what is too far? In my case, I just want to copy an “empty” task and its “empty” sub-tasks.

It’s probably easiest to do with a pair of automations

Rather than open a new post, I’d like to revisit my original request.

More and more, I’m running into situations where I need a quick and dirty copy of an entity and its children / grandchildren. Typically, this is a variation of a project in a space, where I want a second (third etc) instance of that project in the same space.

Notwithstanding the complexities of implementing a copy function, given the unlimited extensibility of Fibery’s data model, can I ask if any further thought has been given to supporting something like this?

For my use cases, implementing automation for every possible project template is overkill.