Finding/compare entities from two databases


I’m setting up a scenario through Integromat that’s supposed to get entities from database-1 (RnD) which contains a field with text type and check if they exist in database-2 (CRM) where entities are inside an entity collection field with a different type (format)

I was trying to do it via operators q/contains (no success) and q/in.

Seems like everything should work and there are no errors but the result is Empty

P.S. if I need to share some examples or anything else for clearer understanding let me know please

    "command": "fibery.entity/query",
    "args": {
      "query": {
        "q/from": "CRM/Waiting list",
        "q/select": [
        "CRM/Invite Code", 
          "CRM/Invite Code": {
            "q/select": ["CRM/Code"], 
            "q/limit": "q/no-limit" 
          "CRM/Job role"],
        "q/where": [
          ["CRM/Invite Code", "CRM/Code"], 
        "q/limit": 20
        "params": {
          "$code": ["RnD/Code"]