Integromat (aka Make) - How to find entity by entity ID and then update it?

I’m trying to make a Integromat (now called Make) scenario that watches for an “Approval” type Jotform submission and then updates a Fibery entity based on the entity ID in that form submission.

Without getting into the details the Jotform submission contains the following values:

  • entityID: a60a32a0-b2r5-12ec-abcd-2ff3ac0c1234
  • approval: approved OR not approved

So I’m just trying to 1) find the entity with that ID and then 2) update its approval field accordingly.

I can use the Search Entities module to find the entity by ID, but then I’m not sure how to update a field of that entity. The Update an Entity module doesn’t have an way to select an entity by ID - unless I’m missing something?

Paging @antoniokov since he made that Fibery + Integromat YouTube tutorial


That is for updating the entity. As for the approve or not approve, if you’re using a dropdown for the approve and disapprove functionality, you can create a router with two filters, 1) approval = approved and another filter approval = not approved, then update the entity base on the the selected route.

This is similar to the scenario it seems you’re looking for.