Filtering "Collections" Sub-entity views - Request, and is it done?

This is an interesting discussion with you and @Chr1sG. Maybe I’m missing something, but what I’d simply like to see, which I think is discussed at various places in this community and I don’t have time to dig them up now, is to have collections behave like embedded tables, the way this works in Coda or Notion. Some basics of this:

  • you can enter data in the fields, including a desperate need of mine, Rich Text fields you can type into (a big plus of Coda). This is one of the things that jumped out at me in my initial evaluation of Fibery, the fact that you cannot enter data directly in Collections.
  • Ability to filter and sort Entities. In both Coda and Notion you can embed a view of a table - a Type in Fibery - and slice and dice it anyway you want. One issue for my team is we have work items in Collections. It would be great to be able to either filter out the “done” items, or sort with “done” at the top, or bottom. This is also requested all across this community.

I feel like it is not a big ask to have the Collections behave like embedded db’s in Notion. Until this is done, the only way to get a nice table of data is the Table View in Fibery, one that has a lot of potential, but I consider it for the moment an orphan. You can’t embed it anywhere, and UI wise it is very limited - most of the good UI customization, such as size of cards, ability to drag and drop, etc. is in boards. But, and here’s the point, Boards, like collections, don’t have the table-like function of being able to key in data and behave like a spreadsheet. So if you want that, you have to go back to the lonesome Table view…

And since this is a big need of mine, I want to link to the reality with the new and very promising Hierarchical Lists View, which seems like to be based on the Boards UI, not Tables. But unlike Boards, you can’t customize the way data displays on the “cards” in the view, let alone actually type into them, like you can in, say, Wrike’s hierarchy View: