CHANGELOG: February 25 / Hierarchical Lists (beta), some improvements

Hey guys! My team has been moving along with the Hierarchical List View, and one big piece of feedback I have right now is I’d really like to be able to have the Cards/Boards functionality when displaying the entities of being able to determine size of the Entities. In other words, the options of:


Or something equivalent.

In particularly we are really missing descriptions of fields that are part of “full” cards in board view. I am trying to emulate one of the best views of Target Process when the Parent Entity rolls up values from the children, such as total effort, etc, and this can be toggled open or closed.

I can do this set-up in Fibery with Hierarchical Lists, but we can’t see what those values are without the labels that you get in Full Cards in Boards. We have many formulas at times, so without these labels, you can’t have easy readability as to what number represents what value.