Field button to open relation collection view in right panel

This is a work efficiency need that I tried to work around since the start of using Fibery a year ago.
The issue is that relationship collection fields can have many items, and expanding and collapsing fields is work intensive, since it requires scrolling when other fields of the same entity need to be checked.

The workaround that I tried is to create buttons in a rich texst field that open context views of the relationship collection in the right panel. It works, but requires a complex script and is not smooth.

One hybrid solution that I suggest is that when a field is collapsed, there is a button visible at the right corner of the field that allows to open the collection field context view in the right panel.
I think that will be a huge improvement of the user experience, because scrolling up and down the same entity and opening and closing fields is not necessary any more.

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That would be really helpful! As a workaround we’ve created extra databases in a few places (especially contact) to avoid complete overwhelm on the page.

When a new contact is created, the extra entity is also created. We show the entities via context filters.

But would be great if we can skip those extra ‘workaround’ databases!

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