Fibery Toggl Integration

Hi There,


For those of you I haven’t met - I’m Maxim, Co-Founder of Reify Academy. We have been official partner since 2021.
Part of our product offering is custom integrations for As part of our giving back to community and supporting Fibery Team excellent work over the last 2 years → we have made our Fibery Toggl Integration available for everyone to use and learn from.

What can I do with it?

  • You can sync the following types from Toggl - clients, workspaces, time entries, projects.
  • You can start timer with external action
  • You can stop currently running timer with external action

How to get started

Easiest way to get started is to follow the Demo
Then if you a tech savvy you can explore the source code
If you just want to use hosted version the url is the following - add this as custom integration in Fibery.


Why do you need my toggl token?
It’s the easiest way for us to access your toggl account. if you have concerns about it you can ask your tech team to examine the code on Github. We don’t log your token or use it in anyway other than syncing your data to your fibery account.

I need to sync something extra from toggl
For that you can create an issue in our repository and explain it there. Alternatively, you can also comment in this thread.

It doesn’t work
Create an issue or comment there.

I want to sync multiple users
We haven’t tried this ourselves. But you should be able to add multiple accounts to an integration. If do try and it works, please let us know :wink:

We are looking forward to your feedback.


Maxim, this is phenomenal!

A few questions as I am playing around and starting implementation:

  1. Is there a way to link the Log to the associated Project (and Client, etc) Presently, I am not seeing a “Project” field in the Time Log, or an easy ID with which to create one.
  2. I have added multiple accounts successfully, and everything seems relatively smooth. A few small details:
  • I cannot seem to find a way to name the separate Toggl Accounts when adding the integration, or change the name after the fact. The result is that I have multiple Toggl Accounts named “Test Toggl Account”

  • When syncing multiple accounts, they all sync their projects and clients separately; however, in many cases these separate accounts draw from a shared workspace with shared projects and clients. Is there a good flow or method to ensure that all projects live within the same database?

  1. When syncing multiple accounts, their separate time-logs go into separate databases. Do you have any ideas on how to treat them as a singular group? Perhaps with automations to add them to one single combined database for the organization (i.e. Person A Logs → All TimeLogs; PERSON B Logs → All Timelogs; etc.)

Thank you again for the amazing work!

Thanks for your feedback, @billyjackson

  1. Fixed in the latest version - project has now project_id field and time entry has project_id. you can link them by that field.
  2. Fixed in the latest version - you might need to reconnect account to get them to display full username(if specified) or email.
  3. I think you are on the right track about using automation to add them to the same organisation. You can link them to the same organisation using automation. I presume you can do something like that:
    Link time entries to workspace/project based on workspace id/project id → Link that project to company. In company you should be able to create lookup which will get relationships of specific workspace.

Can you clarify what happens in that case ? Does it duplicate the same client/project multiple times ?
I presume if you know you are sharing the same client you can simply not sync client/projects/workspaces under different account and only let one account sync all of them.

Amazing, thank you so much!

I’m seeing the Project_Id pulled in on the Time entries now, but the Project ID field for Projects is blank on my end.

Working perfectly. Brilliant!

Appreciate the confirmation!

Yes of course this is the way. I was overcomplicating it. Because of the universality of Project_ID and Client_ID, I can just bring this in once.

Thanks again Maxim!

Let me double check. Maybe toggl uses different field name.

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@billyjackson fixed. should see project_id id.

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Heck yeah. Works perfectly now!

@tpaktop Добрый день Максим!
Спасибо огромное за это решение!

Есть ли возможность, чтобы при нажатии кнопки - не выскакивало каждый раз попап с запросам подтвердить аккаунт в toggl?

Дело в том, что если один аккаунт, то это получается лишнее действие, которое мягко говоря мешает.

Is there any way to remove the popup asking to confirm the account when the button is clicked?

Hi @Mikhail,
У сожалению это ограничение fibery так что вопрос скорее к ним.
Лучше решение на данный момент это добавить запрос на фичу в fibery.
Unfortunately, it’s fibery limitation which we cannot do much about at this stage.
The best solution I can think off at this stage is to create feature request for fibery team to adjust UI

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I believe that the reason it pops up is because the choice of accounts is per user, so it can’t be ‘hard-coded’ into the button (since one user might not have permission for that account).
But I could imagine that it would be better to not ask if there is only one option for a given user to choose.


Yes. Just one account/person - there’s no point in asking.