External action integration setup is broken?

Would be great to have some example of how to create external action integration.
I have tried to create an external action integration and after adding it I get stuck on this screen:

There are no errors and I’m kinda clueless at this stage of what is wrong. Wondering if it’s an issue with integration or something wrong with integration?

After fiddling with response a bit I noticed that when I specify:

 authentication: [
            id: "none",
            name: "Public Access",
            description: "There is no any authentication required",

It breaks.

If I change id to public it allows me to go to next step where it get stuck because it seem to think I’m doing data synchronization.

Hello, @tpaktop

As I understood you are trying to build app for automations to allow execute your external actions. We don’t have this functionality documented yet. Will add the documentation in nearest future.


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Yes, correct. I’d like to add external action to use as no code action on a button.
I followed this documentation
Is it incorrect ?