🔮 Fibery roadmap for July-Dec 2023 + previous roadmap reflection

Awesome post Oshyan! I agree with everything you write. It’s impressive how you can articulate it so clearly.

Would be a real game changer. I know Fibery doesn’t want to be ‘the tool to replace them all’. But it does move in that direction :smirk:

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I think Zolt’s Obsidian Excalibrain should also be mentioned here.


Thanks for the support everyone! I do spend a lot of time thinking about what could/should be next for knowledge management in general, and testing various tools, so hopefully that helps bring some broader perspective on the possibilities here. :slight_smile:

Yes, Excalibrain is definitely cool and potentially useful. I am unsure how much “programmatic” visualization it makes sense to have, vs. more manual instantiation + arrangement. It seems clear some programmatic-type stuff is valuable, e.g. entity trees. Ideally some general support for programmatic entity instantiation that could be plugin-driven, one day… :grin:

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Zolt make Obsidian really powerful
Not only Excalidraw, also Excalibrain

  • You can imagine Excalidraw ⇄ Canvas in Obsidian ⇄ Whiteboard in Fibery
  • But the real definition things on Ontology’s excalibrain ⇄ Name relationship of connections in 4 directions (using Compass Framework). the way we build Reference 2.0 in Fibery, i dont know how much part align with this, but this plugin in Obsidian make everything layed on and see all the relationship in the right way

Some update here - this bug was fixed :slight_smile: