Fibery for solo projects/features

Hi all, I’m looking for some feedback/opinions around structuring Fibery for solo projects. For context most of my work is in WordPress (making custom blocks, plugins, themes). I’ll also use Figma for creating mockups related to a dev project.

At the moment I have a few custom blocks that I’m working on. I’ve always tried to treat all work as projects → tasks. But what I find for development projects/tasks is that it feels really difficult to get to a state where you can confidently say something is DONE. It always feels like there are opportunities for improvement, new ideas, or a bug that’s waiting around the corner.

Instead of projects I’ve considered creating a separate database for “Assets”. This is where I would track things I’ve made that have the potential for improvements/ongoing support.

I’m curious how others think about this stuff in a solo context.

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One thing that’s helped a lot to get ideas out of my head and plan them later was building a “story map” view and capturing all my feature ideas into that.

Edit: Here’s some examples of a story map

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Hmm, the other way could be to think of Releases for your Assets (or your Projects). That way, you could say a given Release entails the following improvements and then, once those are done, it’s done. :slight_smile:


It looks like I left out a detail at the top. I think I’m leaning in this direction.

Instead of Projects → Tasks, it would be Assets → Projects → Tasks.

Assets are meant to be stay around and not meant to be cleared or marked as done.

Projects/Releases would be the things to indicate that an asset has some work that needs done and will be done.

@Karlitooo I think story mapping will be helpful too.

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