Feed view: vertical "cards" instead of horizontal blocks

I use the Feed view for a few things, but because I don’t have long text fields, the Feed view ends up being a kind of a screen hog, horizontally speaking. Lots of wasted space.

Wondering if it might be possible to do a “compact” version of that view, with the items in a grid. I can get something like it in Airtable - they call it Gallery view, and you can add images, but I don’t need images for my work in Fibery. And I don’t mean a Kanban style view with columns - just a plain old grid of portrait-oriented cards instead of a stack of landscape oriented cards.

Maybe this is just a CSS thing? Rendering those item divs with a fixed width and setting the layout as grid?

Here’s an example of what I’m thinking, taken from Airtable’s Gallery view:

And what I mean by “wasted space” in Fibery - viewing these in a grid would be more space efficient:

Would also love to be able to edit the attributes (like Open to Done) right there in the Feed, but the hover icons make that impossible — but that’s another request for another time…

You may be aware that there is a prior request for a real “gallery view”:

I’m not sure if it makes more sense for your request to be a modification to/mode of the Feed view, or perhaps more like a modification of Kanban. For example what if there was an additional option under “Columns” that, rather than selecting a Field to create columns, just gave you a numerical input to specify a # of columns? Might this address your need? And if so, might it be too much of a “bastardization” of Kanban? :smile: Even if the underlying view code is the same as Kanban, basically, maybe it still makes sense to have a separate “card view” so it’s not hidden in Kanban options. :thinking:

I also think it’s worth pointing out that if Card/Gallery view is partly being held-up by design changes for image display on Cards, maybe throw out that requirement and just make a Card/Gallery view that doesn’t yet support images. It sounds like from your use case that it would still have value even without images.


Trying to extract what I’m looking for out of the Kanban view seems unnecessarily complex. Having to pick a specific number of columns to be used would kind of defeat the purpose - my laptop might only fit 3 columns, but my iMac might fit 5, for example. In Airtable, the cards are fixed width (the height is determined by which/how many fields you choose to display, but is consistent from card to card), and the layout adjusts to however many columns fit across the screen.

It really is just a display issue, which is why I was thinking that it might be handled with CSS. CSS grids are pretty straightforward for turning a list of divs into a grid, and I guess I’m assuming the Feed view is essentially a list of divs. If it’s not, then it’s probably a thornier issue.

In essence, I’m just trying to maximize the information I can view at one time on my screen.

And yes absolutely, if a gallery view is in the works but images are holding it up, then by all means - please! just go ahead without the images. I just want a grid of info cards instead of a stack of info billboards. It would make it a lot easier to see what I’ve got in my databases.


More and more I want a “Gallery” view, but agree it should not enforce having/showing images. It could perhaps just be called “Card” view, with ability to control all fields shown on cards, including optional images as “covers”, and adjustable image size.

I’m not the one to make such a decision, but I do think the needs here could be encompassed by the feature request here:

Especially if the option of just not having images is available. Being able to rearrange field order on Cards would be great too.


Same. Would love to use it for the readwise integration plus short notes from my second brain.

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