Feb 8, 2024 / Slack-to-Fibery integration (beta), Decimal and thousand separators (experimental)

Slack integration: Collect feedback from Slack Messages (beta)

By capturing feedback through Slack, product teams can make data-driven decisions and continuously improve their products. However, by manually transferring the feedback to other tools, they may be missing out on opportunities to innovate and streamline their processes.

Fibery’s Slack integration enables easy collection of Slack messages, streamlines feedback processes, and creates references with product features and insights. This is similar to Fibery’s Intercom Integration and Discourse Integration .

Fibery is configured to collect messages in real time from the designated Slack channels. The messages are then added to a structured database in Fibery that includes crucial information such as sender, time, reactions, the message itself, and many more. For example, you may have #feedback channel in your team Slack so you can fetch all messages from this channel to Fibery.

Storing all this information in the Fibery databases allows for easy filtering and sorting of messages, and different views can be created for improved organization. Furthermore, automation can be built on top of it.

The messages are saved in rich text format, which can be linked to other databases such as features or insights. By connecting this information, better product decisions can be made.

Slack Integration is in beta, check Slack Integration user guide to try it.

Decimal and thousand separators (experimental)

We have recently introduced a preference for the first day of the week and the date/time format. Now it turns out that half of the world doesn’t like their decimals to be separated by a period :person_shrugging:.

From now on, every user is free to pick the number format they are most used to. We respect this preference across all Number Fields as well as other places throughout the app — no more typing 0,5 and getting 5.0.

Similar to other internationalization preferences, the default comes from your locale. This means the number format might change from the previously hard-coded 1,234.56 as soon as you enable the experimental feature.

Please let us know if you notice a place where the format is not respected.

:butterfly: Improvements

  • Table View: Replace the option to show the rich text field icon in the Table view with the rich text snippet option, since the rich text field icon does not provide any meaningful information in the Table view.
  • Notifications: When I add my reply to some comments thread, I will receive notifications about all future replies in this thread. Fibery treats this as a new comment notification. So if all checkboxes are off in these settings (A comment is added to an entity you’re assigned to or watching), then no notifications will come.
  • Permissions: allow non-Admins to manage access templates.
  • Usability: we’ve updated the loading state for the sidebar and improved the design of error pages.
  • Preferences: date & time formatting graduated from experimental and is now available to all users.

:shrimp: Fixed Bugs

  • UI issue with borders on Calendar view.
  • Colour selector is misaligned in Firefox on Windows.
  • Date can not be selected in Timeline if there are some date ranges.
  • Table/List: Entity goes to ‘No 1st-level parent’ area if it’s not empty, but 2nd-level parent doesn’t match the filter.
  • Table/List: It’s possible to link entity to itself via drag-n-drop in table
  • Improve performance for 10k+ :sweat_smile: custom emojis.
  • Some performance improvements for the fresh start or reload.

So happy we now have the comma seperator for decimal. Thanks!

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