New Threads Feature bi-directional link to Slack/Discord?

maybe this is possible - but it would be a gamechanger to integrate mobile communication into fibery.

any workflows available?

Can you elaborate on what this would mean to you in practice?
At the moment, this idea seems a little hazy to me

oh yeah, sure - sorry for the unclearness…

We use Slack as Team communication. (And Whatsapp. And i use Beeper to combine them)

These tools all have a native mobile app that is fast and accessible. to switch over to fibery as tool of communication, we would need either a bi-directional integration with those tools. or a dedicated ios/android app that can be used as messenger.

I would love to switch over team communication to fibery - but i dont see it yet - because using it is just too tricky.

and i was wondering if you have alternatives (like i asked in the update thread as well) to handle this tasks - or are you using communication only on your desktop?

Also how do you plan to integrate direct/private msg?

we’re still on slack for a lot of our comms, but the balance is moving from S-95% : F-5% to S-90% : F-10% perhaps!

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It varies from person to person. I’m mostly a desktop guy, but I do check slack in the evening and weekend occasionally, and yeah Fibery is pretty bad on mobile, so if I see something that needs serious attention, I open up the laptop (which is actually a nice counterweight to avoid screwing up my work-life balance :wink: )

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The idea is cool, we will think about it. However, we don’t have plans to focus on communication theme now, but we’ll check anyway

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In general I like the idea of leveraging Fibery’s integration capabilities to gain new features (i.e. Mobile) via connection to other apps and tools. It seems like a potentially (much) “lighter weight” way to get some things like mobile experience. This is one of the main principles behind my hopes of a Fibery ↔ Obsidian integration as well.


Another idea here is to create FiberyGPT as a client to your Fibery data. At least now it looks like a technical possibility and mobile experience will be built in :slight_smile:

Chat interface maybe not optimal for all the things, but as a mobile client it looks pretty decent, like you can have a flow like

  • Show me last 10 comments → produces a thread of comments
  • Reply to comment 5 “yes, this is ok let’s proceed”
  • Show my tasks for today → produce a list of tasks

Not sure about UX here to be honest I did not think about it in details.


Yeah, I saw you mention something about this elsewhere and I love the idea! I do feel like people would miss the direct interaction and “frictionless” aspect of dedicated chat-like UI. So for that specific use case a general GPT-based interface may not be ideal. But for everything else it’s a pretty incredible idea! Especially if you can find a way to have it make use of some non-text aspects of Fibery, at least some formatting, generate dynamic “views” of a sort (as you hinted, i.e. “show me last 10 comments”), etc.

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See, we did not implement mobile because now we can get it for free :slight_smile:


haha … i would not see gpt as a “great” interface to interact with this in all ways, but having a SIRI for fibery that actually works and i can use my CRM to say “call xyz from apple” and it looks up the number in my db would be f-ing awesome.

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does not solve the direct-chat problem though :slight_smile: