Expose Forms Public link, deletion and regeneration

Expose Forms Public link, deletion and regeneration

Unlike other shared/public links Forms do not seem to share an interface/possibility to verify/check/view, regenerate or even delete a shared link.

Maybe not most critical; but would be great to view, delete/restrict, regenerate shared Form links. The only current option is to “Share”, with indication of a public Link already existing.

Which is not ideal when it comes to restricting or updating/changing public-facing forms.

There can only be a single public sharing link. If you stop sharing and then start sharing again, a new, different url will be generated (and the old one will have stopped working).

Ty for your response.

Okay maybe it’s a “user-problem”, mb or potential “usability issue”.

But how do you “stop sharing” a shared link for a form?
I couldn’t find any “stop” sharing indication, button or list/entry of shared form-link either?
→ there only seems to be “share”, top right which simply shows a toast that the form i.e. link already exists.

No matter if in our out of “Edit mode”. Or is it to be found somewhere else?

This is what I see when I click on the Share button:


Do you not see the option to Stop sharing?

At first I thought “oh boy”, hidden in plain sight?
This account is currently in trial, if potentially related:

But despite being a potential/minimal bug(?) I’m rather sure that I didn’t see the same behavior no matter how often I tried for two duplicated forms/tables being in two separate workspaces.

This is what I would see despite deletion and subsequent restore of the form.
Just noticed that after just briefly clicking the corresponding table (it seems) that the regular/your behavior of top-right “shared link” pop-in, would finally show up again.

Do I understand your post to mean that things are now working as they should (albeit maybe with a delay on the UI) or that there is still some weirdness that we need to investigate?

yea I would say so: seems a minor issue leading to rather confusing/locked state in terms of frontend/UI-update or so.

It might lead to quite some frustration on rare (?) occurrence with less tech-inclined users or newcomers, potentially. So that’s up to triage/priorities and depends if others experienced similar issues. but most certainly less crticial “issue”. :slight_smile: eitherway fine by me with known workaround.

Running Win10 Pro and Firefox 124.0.1 (64-bit)