[Essay] Working backwards to find an activation metric

Finding an objectively good activation event for Fibery turned out to be pretty tricky. Two weeks of sweat and swears later, here is our postmortem practical guide:

What is the activation moment for your product? How did you find and validate it?


Great work! Am I missing something, though? Can you invite collaborators without having a paid account already?

Hmm, you should be able to do that in 30-days trial mode. If the trial is expired, then it is not possible

Hi there! Just curious - how did you select the (relevant) events for the point system? Was that trial error or rather a statistical approach? Trying to solve a similar problem over here! :slight_smile:

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We simply pick the events subjectively based on the post-onboarding customer interviews, basic product analytics, and our understanding of the learning process within Fibery. No solid scientific method behind this so far :sweat_smile:

This might have been pretty risky, if we wouldn’t have checked for the predictive power. Since we see that the score-based metrics predict the future non-score-based events (collaboration, purchase) alright, I sleep better at night.

However, there’s certainly [a huge] room for improvement — would love to discover your approach to this problem. Will send you a Calendly link via DM here.