Email + Kanban: Trello Sendboard alternative with Fibery?


Do you think it’s possible to build something like this Pricing - Email for Trello with fibery?

I’ve got several e-commerce websites and when a customer places an order, I receive a custom email defined with sendGrid in my logistics email address.

My e-commerce backend is configured to send data about the store name, so my team is able to recognize from which store the order is coming.

I am using this sendboard power up in trello that is basically an email client service integrated with Trello. My team is able to see at glance the non processed yet orders and everyone is able to process the orders and move them across the kanban.

Fibery has an email integration, so it is possible that you could set up automation rules and/or buttons to achieve what you are already doing.

Thanks for getting back to me.
I checked the email integration sync options. And it seems there is no option to make the sync instantenous, the shorter sync time is 60 minutes which is a lot to process an order.
Any workaround for this?

At the moment, no. Sorry.

Can you explain a bit more how you want it to work please? I think this can be accomplished rather easily using a webhook that fires as soon as the “card” is created in Fibery. That way it will be instantaneous.

I am using an open-source infrastructure called Medusa JS.
This is basically a headless e-commerce backend running on NodeJS that is connected to an admin and a storefront.

Currently my workflow is the following:

I’ve got an order_placed event that corresponds basically to each order placed by a customer. Thanks to a sendgrid plugin function, each time an order is placed, an email is sent to Trello.

Trello has this “sent to email” option that allows for receiving an email to the column of choice. This connects my e-commerce Sender out of the box to Trello without any custom email integration.

I would like to reproduce the same with Fibery without any custom development (maybe it’s doable with the Fibery Rest API but I’m not sure) ideally, if Fibery had an email associated with each board, that would be easily doable.

Unfortunately I don’t think this can be done currently without any custom development.

Have a look at - it has the ability to deliver emails to webhooks. If you can just publish a webhook that calls the Fibery API to create the card, that would be the quickest.

Or investigate using something like Zapier to create the cards in Fibery, but there may be a time delay.

PM me if you need help