Email alert based on field value

Hi guys,

is that possible to create a rule for the email alert? For example, “two days before date field value – send an email”. If it’s possible to do using 3rd party tool – that works for us too.

I think your best bet would be to use Integromat or Zapier for now, until there is more automation functionality added.

In integromat, you could query a particular type on some regular basis for entities with a due date and an assignee. Then use the email or whatever else kind of contact information of the assignee to send the notification.

As for sending the notification, you could use whatever functionality integromat provides, or you could potentially try adding a comment on the entity within Fibery, which should notify the User.

You could extend that to include user-specific notification settings on the User type so people could disable the additional notifications or adjust how far in advance to send them.

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Hi, Eugene!

Here is a tutorial very similar to smth you request

So, the only changes are

  • Email instead of slack
  • Not a due date, but 2 days ago

Hope it helps :sparkling_heart:


Just in case it can help someone, the tip to filter on due date is to trigger the action “find entites” every day and to add a criteria formula like that

formatDate(addDays(now; 2); YYYY-MM-DD)