"Either this or that" relation

Is it possible to build an “Either this or that” relation between apps?

So, I have Objectives in OKR. I have teams in Teams app and I have users.
I want to create individual and team OKRs.
So I want objective to be either assigned to a user or to a team, not both at the same time.

(it could be done by adding teams as users, but then I can’t have 2 boards for personal and team OKRs and I don’t make use of Teams app)

So far it is not possible. We have this idea into backlog called “polymorphic relations” :). Not sure when it will be implemented though.

As a solution, you may create two Types: Team Objective and Individual Objective and set relations as required. In general you may create views with both Types, so it may work fine.

I have just came to the same solution, thanks!

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It seems that I cannot set an Overall score to be calculated from key results for that new type - Team objective. Is there a way?

@esuslo Oh, I see. It is required to create a new Formula. However, Formula creation process is not for end users so far. It seems the best way is to create this formula by us. We will do that on Monday, since today Formula Developer is not in the office.

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