"Duplicate" Option for Views inside of an Entity

I’m often creating or experimenting with different views of related entities while inside of an actual entity.

It’s very time consuming and annoying to have to recreate every single customization I made to the levels, field visibility and positioning & filters every single time.

Every other tool out there already has this option for views, and even in Fibery you can duplicate views in the main left panel, so why can’t you do the same thing on views inside of entities?




I would like to be able to duplicate (or change) a view as a different view (e.g. Table as a Board) where as many settings as possible (e.g. filters, sort) would be carried over.

I understand that view-specific settings would be stripped. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Fully agree, so you’ve got my vote! We only use context view in our workspace. And we often have multiple views that are only sorted differently.

It’s a real pain in the ass to build those views over and over again :sweat_smile:

So do we, I hate using the left sidebar other than for quick navigation between high level entries/databases!

You call these “context views” and I’ve always thought of them as “entity views”. @Chr1sG called them “relation views” in another topic…is that the official fibery name for these?

If so, what are the other views (that and created and live in the left sidebar) called so I can get my language straight? :stuck_out_tongue:


Good question, don’t know the answer :joy: I call them context view since a context filter is applied. But I don’t think that’s the official term.

Awesome to meet someone that also doesn’t use the normal left menu :grin: Do you have a similar setup as I described here

or something else?

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Here’s what I’ve built so far. As you can see, not using the left sidebar so much. :slight_smile:

Only really use views there when they can’t be done properly inside of an entity, like due to context filters only working on the top level database and not the ones underneath.

A left menu view is just a ‘view’

A ‘context view’ is one where a context filter is applied, e.g. “only show me Tasks related to this Project”. Such a view could be found as

  • an embedded view in a rich text field of a Project
  • a view in a smart folder of Projects
  • and by default, the relation field called ‘Tasks’ on an entity view of a Project is displayed with a context filter, since it usually makes sense to only show linked Tasks(!)

The last of these tends to be called a relation view.

An ‘entity view’ is merely the overall view of a single entity, showing/hiding whatever fields a creator has decided. Any visible to-many relation fields (aka collections) are shown as relation views.

But note that for all ‘context views’ the context filter can be disabled, if that’s desirable.

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Nice :grin:

Yep, that’s a bummer :smiling_face_with_tear: