Dropdowns and .toString() in Formulas

I tried creating a formula field to link to Google Maps but got hung-up on using a dropdown menu item in the formula.

For data integrity, I try and use as many “fixed” option data points as possible when building a data system. It helps reduce user error in free text inputs. In this case, I used a dropdown menu for US states, then tried to use that in a formula, but could not.

Next I tried creating a “dummy” field with state.toString() and planned on calling the dummy field in the Google Maps formula, but that did not work either.

Do the text formulas not support dropdown fields and/or .toString() or am I have I missed something?

If you have used a single select field for the dropdown list of states, you can return a string corresponding to the selected option using .Name
So, for example
State is the name of a single select field (with 50 choices I guess!)
In a formula field you can use State.Name to return a string with the state name.
Is this what you meant?

Here’s a quick demo app, if that helps:

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Sounds like you’re having problems in the output composing formula where you combine the various text and number fields?

If numbers are involved, then no you cannot mix that with string (yet). I already made the request and it’s coming soon™.

Worst case if you need it now, then a solution with a button can be used. Click to generate.