Drag Entity to Sidebar to Associate

Hey there – one thing I do all the time is quickly create entities (Tasks) without much detail in them, then sort them / enrich them later. A big part of this associating these tasks with other entity types (in this case, Categories).

Right now this is a slow process. I can do it by clicking into the entity detail view, or I’ve created a filtered view with my Categories as the rows, then drag my tasks down to the right row… but having to scroll vertically back and forth makes this fairly painful too.

What would be wonderful would be to be able to drag an entity (task) from a view and drop it on an entity (category) in the sidebar, which automatically associates the entities. For me this would allow me to rapidly categorize tasks by dragging them to the sidebar. Wunderlist does an amazing job of this (it’s one of their best features)

Thank you!

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