Drag & Drop child entity to another parent

With the multi-panel navigation it would feel easier than ever to move a child entity to another parent if you have both parents open, when the child is many to one parent.

Similar, but not identical to, this one:

Example usage:
I have two parents of the same type open, they are both orders for a customer, and the children are ordered items. Customer decides to pay for some items later, so we just move those entities into a new order.

Why is this easier? Because we don’t have to do one of the following:

  • go into each order-item and change parent order to the new one
  • go into new parent order and select existing order-item
    Both of those options involves either having to remember or compare the entity name to make sure you are moving to the correct one.

An example:

Why can’t I just use copy-paste (from referenced post above) or Kanban?
Because we have hundreds of orders, and our native way of working with these aren’t looking at a list of all items and manage them that way. We work with one Order/Order items by searching for it and opening. We’d also have hundreds of orders/order items unrelated to the one we’re working with in close proximity, which is confusing and error prone.

Although not exactly the same, I was thinking along the same line but hoping for a way to copy and paste (or better yet drag and drop) an entire collection from one entity to another in this request:

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This is an interesting idea. Makes me wonder about drag-and-drop support more broadly, now that you can view multiple Entities simultaneously with relative ease. A good example would be with the upcoming Blocks system - drag a block from one Entity Rich Text to another. Maybe by default it creates a Transclude or Link, but could hold a modifier key to Move. Just thinking out loud a bit…

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Drag’n’dropping cards between panels is a very tempting idea indeed. We’ll likely experiment with it in the upcoming months — the only potential showstopper is technical infeasibility :sweat_smile: