Drag & Drop child entity to another parent

With the multi-panel navigation it would feel easier than ever to move a child entity to another parent if you have both parents open, when the child is many to one parent.

Similar, but not identical to, this one:

Example usage:
I have two parents of the same type open, they are both orders for a customer, and the children are ordered items. Customer decides to pay for some items later, so we just move those entities into a new order.

Why is this easier? Because we don’t have to do one of the following:

  • go into each order-item and change parent order to the new one
  • go into new parent order and select existing order-item
    Both of those options involves either having to remember or compare the entity name to make sure you are moving to the correct one.

An example:

Why can’t I just use copy-paste (from referenced post above) or Kanban?
Because we have hundreds of orders, and our native way of working with these aren’t looking at a list of all items and manage them that way. We work with one Order/Order items by searching for it and opening. We’d also have hundreds of orders/order items unrelated to the one we’re working with in close proximity, which is confusing and error prone.

Although not exactly the same, I was thinking along the same line but hoping for a way to copy and paste (or better yet drag and drop) an entire collection from one entity to another in this request:

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This is an interesting idea. Makes me wonder about drag-and-drop support more broadly, now that you can view multiple Entities simultaneously with relative ease. A good example would be with the upcoming Blocks system - drag a block from one Entity Rich Text to another. Maybe by default it creates a Transclude or Link, but could hold a modifier key to Move. Just thinking out loud a bit…

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Drag’n’dropping cards between panels is a very tempting idea indeed. We’ll likely experiment with it in the upcoming months — the only potential showstopper is technical infeasibility :sweat_smile:


I feel this is one of the main reasons people are having trouble adapting to the “new” panel navigation paradigm. It seems so intuitive that you would be able to do this that and it’s very frustrating when you realize then panels can’t communicate with one another.

Adding this would dramatically speed up many common interactions for us.

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