[✔️ DONE] Indexing Entity contents and Docs for Search

I just tried rolling my own indexable-fields-control, by adding a Rich Text field to contain all the text I want indexed for an entity.

– UPDATE – The following is inaccurate: Indexing IS working on all RTF fields –

And then I found out that “entity Description” is the ONLY Rich Text Field that gets indexed - not ALL Rich Text fields. :angry:

So perhaps the only way around it would be to re-purpose the entity Description field as the “Indexable content” field, and then create a new Rich Text to replace Description (if needed).

Then you need a Formula field that concatenates the contents of all non-RTF fields you want indexed (Texts, Multi-Selects, etc), plus a Rule that triggers when this Formula is updated, and copies it to the “Indexable Content” RTF (formerly entity Description).

If any RTFs also need to be indexed (e.g. the “replacement entity Description” field) , then you’d need to use an hourly-scheduled Rule instead to update the “Indexable Content” RTF - because Rules can’t trigger on changes to RTF’s, and Formulas can’t reference RTF contents.

I haven’t tested this yet…

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Matt, I read this and thought you were saying that there is only one Rich Text field that will get indexed, the first one you create. I tested this and I have entities with multiple Rich Text fields and it seems like the content in the other Rich Text fields does show up in search. Am I misunderstanding the issue here? Definitely would like to see as much as possible indexed in Fibery!


That should not be the case. Search will index all rich text fields. If that’s not what you’re experiencing, then send us some details.


I’m glad to hear that! :smiley:

I had just done a simple test, and the contents of my added RTF was still not indexed after a couple hours, while the Description RTF was… Not sure how long the indexing takes??

I can test it again though.

It looks like the RTF indexing is working after all - I was confused by how the search results were presented, plus I picked poor test case words :roll_eyes: