[DONE] Flexible height for views

Hello everyone!

I want to suggest one little UI/UX improvement:
Currently, when you insert a view in a doc, for example, this view has a fixed height.

I made a silly example to represent this:

If you notice, it’s a list stack of list views. Only the first has content and it’s only one item.
This is quite weird. An empty thing occupies a lot of space.

I want to suggest a flexible height based on content, like hugging the content.
As well, I made an example too:

That’s all. Thank you!

Besides that, I just noticed that when I select all, the views aren’t highlighted as well.

That looks pretty cool, and I believe that would be covered with this feature :slight_smile:


When i Insert a view into a docuement i cant adjust anything about the size of it, is this something that can be added? currently the view is too small for me to use. I have to scroll each windows to see everything wich doesnt really work

Not a complete solution, but you can expand an entity collection to fill the entire window:

We will allow to change heights of embedded views soon, already working in it.


Implemented in latest release