[DONE] Filtering like automatic linking

It would be nice to use something like filter identical to automatic linking. Instead of auto-linking, I must link them manually, but they are limited by the same filter:

I’ve had use for this in various places, e.g. sub-products picking. Last one was for UX research.

Example use-case

I have a Session with a Participant. I also have Tests, and these Tests have Checkpoints.

When creating a Session I will pick which Test we will be performing, and the goal is to meet all the Checkpoints pertaining to that Test. This way I can derive a score.

To mark a Checkpoint as reached in a Test, I can simply link them.
Problem is that I can pollute it by including Checkpoints from other Tests. This is what I want to avoid.


Yes please, filters that limit the choice of entities that can be linked would be great :slight_smile:

(assuming I understand the need you’re describing)

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Not sure I understand fully either like @Chr1sG, but I think this is along the lines of:

so would like to add my support!

Incidentally haven’t heard much from the team re: any new features since the Dec. WIP in Twitter, really hoping we get movement soon as my team remains desperate for some of the stuff like Activity Stream, Indexing full Entity contents in Search, improvements in Comments and Notifications as @Oshyan recently discussed, etc. Seems even the monthly update from Michael is pretty far overdue…


Hi, Martin!
In fact, in our backlog we have to possible solutions, that would help you:

  • Filter relation Field selector
  • Auto-set related entities where possible

Not sure about ETA at all - that is smth helpful in the background, so both of those features are in the icebox. We would continue collecting cases (your details just :sparkling_heart:) and would text here once we would decide to solve that problem :slight_smile:


Yes please!

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this should be raise as much, 1 condition seems not a bit thing that can match to multi relations

In fact this was already implemented in Relation Filters