[DONE] Date selection highlights day selected AND the day before

Selecting a date on the popup calendar highlights that date with a border and the day before in a solid color for some reason. See video here:


Sorry, failed to reproduce
Which browser do you use?

Chrome - latest version on Windows

But Iā€™m able to reproduce it in both Edge (no addons) and Firefox:

Could it be a timezone specific issue or something? I am in US eastern time.

I was able to reproduce it as well, Google Chrome on Windows 10 here.

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Out of curiosity if it was device specific, I was able to reproduce this bug on my Samsung S9 mobile phone using the Samsung Internet browser:

By the way the Fibery dark mode looks great :wink:

Not sure if a fix has been silently pushed but this issue is no longer present.

Yes, it was hotfixed today.