[DONE] Breadcrumbs line in Views to show hierarchy path

Especially for Views inside a Smart Folder, it would be quite useful to have a Breadcrumbs line at the top that indicates the names of the entities in the chain of levels to the View.

The following image shows a View that is nested a couple levels deep in a Smart Folder, but it is a puzzle to figure out that it is actually:

Best Cutting Die (Client)  
- DEV Site (Project)
- - Pages

It would be convenient to see the hierarchy of the the entity names in the red area, like
Best Cutting Die > DEV: Best Cutting Die

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This (or a similar solution) would be really helpful. We also use a lot of smart folders to organize information and views. You can get lost quite easily when there are a lot different levels.

When you’ve set up Fibery by yourself you know where to find it. But especially for normal (non admin) users it can be a pain in the ass :sweat_smile:


Building on this feature - breadcrumbs could be used during search making it easier to find contextual information. Eg. with a tree hierarchy “Rainbow Corp → Meeting Notes → 2023 Feb 05” I might want to search for “rainbow notes feb”


Now that Breadcrumbs exist in Search, perhaps this request can be reconsidered?



Already in progress :slight_smile:



Implemented in latest release

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