[DONE] Attachments in the document

Today it is not possible to add attachments in the document. We have to upload files to the Google Drive and then link them in the text.


Thanks, noted!
That feature is approved and is in our backlog :slight_smile:


@Polina_Zenevich any updates on this?

Paused because of Blocks - probably they would solve this problem as well. :slight_smile:


Sounds great! Any ETA on Blocks? :smirk:

I think the first release will be somewhere in 2022 (Jan?). Most likely attaches will be a part of this release.


Thanks. This feature is an everyday request from the team.

@mdubakov will there be a possibility in the future to have files stored on another cloud storage platform (google drive, onedrive, dropbox, etc.). Also will there be a way of exploring/browsing files as well as attaching files in more than one location?

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Guys, do you expect to launch doc attachments in January? It’s highly requested from our team due to the workload with documents.

There is a chance, but it is hard to say for sure.

@mdubakov @Polina_Zenevich any news on the new docs feature? We are trying to get rid of Google docs. Fibery is great but docs feature is your weak part unfortunately.

While we are here, can you enumerate all BLOCKERS for the migration?

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Done in latest release @Eugene_Vabishchevich